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At age 32, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As devastating as the news was, I had to get on with my life for the sake of my husband (read Danny's story) and three young children.  I gathered as much information that I could about breast cancer -- I searched the internet, contacted local cancer organizations, borrowed books from friends -- I was literally on a quest for any and everything related to breast cancer.  I purchased pink ribbon pins and even a scrub cap with pink ribbons imprinted on it to wear to the hospital where I work.  I wanted everyone to know, and I was willing to tell anyone who would listen, my story.  I searched for anything with the pink ribbon symbol on it -- there just wasn't much out there.

When I was first diagnosed, I had no idea how my diagnosis would affect others.  I've been told that when the news first came out at my workplace, everyone went home and did a breast self-exam.  My sister's boss, after hearing the news, purchased breast self-exam kits for everyone in her office.  My sister-in-law scheduled her first mammogram.  My breast cancer prompted those around me to begin thinking about their own risk.  I wanted to reach out to even more people -- to help promote breast cancer awareness in an even bigger way.  The idea for The Pink Ribbon Shop was born.

Breast Cancer has touched the lives of so many - it seems that everyone knows someone with breast cancer.  By wearing merchandise, you are helping to spread the word and increase awareness about breast cancer.  You are showing those you know with breast cancer that you care.  Your purchases haved helped us donate more than $100,000 to various organizations in an effort to find a cure for cancer, assist cancer patients, and reduce cancer deaths through education initiatives that promote early detection.  Additionally, The Pink Ribbon Shop is proud to carry many items whose manufacturer and/or distributor makes a monetary donation to breast cancer-related organizations based on the sale of those items.

*** UPDATE:  If you're interested in reading the latest on my 16-year-long journey/battle with breast cancer, check out my blog:!

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